Meet Our Team

Eclipse Internet Consulting specializes in comprehensive Internet marketing and management solutions for businesses, non-profit companies, political campaigns, and individuals. The core focus of Eclipse Internet Consulting is usability. In everything we do — whether it’s logo design, website design, SEO, email marketing or application development — we ensure every single construct contributes to ease of consumer use. We also focus on each component’s ability to drive the targeted audience to desired outcomes; these outcomes are always tracked and measured.

John Schatz and Deanna Stewart make up the core team of Eclipse Internet Consulting. With their combined experience in branding, marketing, design, and programming, they continually deliver excellent results for their clients.


John Schatz

John built his first website 15 years ago and his first application 1 year later. Since then, he has become the jack-of-all-trades Internet consultant. Prior to starting Eclipse Internet Consulting in2009, John worked in market research in New York City and Europe and in sales in the United States. Whether completing market research for a leading technology firm or working on Internet advertising sales, John’s career has always centered on technology and the Internet. John has the experience and tools needed to help clients grow their online business presence in our global, ever-changing and complex environment.


Deanna Stewart

Deanna belives that exceptional design can be affordable, can exceed the highest and wildest of expectations, and can be painless. Her approach is refreshingly unorthodox: Listen, demystify the process, heighten design awareness, and deliver effective,creative, and engaging design that exceeds all expectations — even her’s. Deanna graduated with a BFA from Kent State University and then worked for major publications and creative agencies before striking out on her own. You can see more of her portfolio here.


Complementing our core team, we have created a flexible structure allowing us to partner with additional specialists as needed. Our proven and trusted partners have helped us build the most competitive pricing structure possible while enabling us to efficiently deliver complex projects. With Eclipse, you aren’t paying for a brick and mortars agency with lots of overhead; you are partnering with a modern and flexible team of consultants.